Benefits of martial arts for kids in Boca Raton

The ancient tradition of martial arts has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries now. Our ancestors believed in its merits completely and diligently encouraged their children to learn the skill. While martial arts are beneficial to anyone who practices it, children especially stand to reap innumerable benefits by receiving martial arts training early in life. It could be anything from Jujitsu to Boxing or even Kalaripayattu- no matter what form of martial art one chooses, the benefits are plenty.  Learn more at Boca Raton karate & kickboxing Academy


Let’s look at the benefits of martial arts for kids in a little more  detail –


  1. Physical fitness –With the increasing number of obesity issues in children, martial arts and any physical activity comes in as a blessing. When children are on the move, they are fitter and stronger. It’s easy for them to burn extra calories and maintain healthy weight. They are agile, healthy and have better immunity with increased stamina and fitness.


  1. Improves self-esteem — Children who begin to receive martial arts training in the early years tend to be more confident and optimistic. Mastering new moves in martial arts instills a sense of self-assurance in children. With small, successive achievements their self-esteem improves and reflects in all areas of life.


  1. Increases concentration — Kids can’t learn a single move correctly if they don’t focus on their trainer’s instruction. Moreover, in order to tackle their opponent in the ring, they need to concentrate on their every move. With practice, kids have increased concentration levels and greater ability to focus.


  1. Self-defense — A lot of parents tend to believe that martial arts sow the seeds of violence and conflict in children. On the contrary, kids trained in martial arts have the skill to deal with difficult situations. They are aware that any form of martial arts is not used to abuse or exhibit power but to protect instead. In school, for instance, they won’t be victims of bullying anymore. Even without having to flex a single muscle, they’ll be able to get out of sticky situations with sheer confidence and willpower.


  1. Hand-eye coordination — In addition to improving physical fitness, learning a martial art helps better one’s hand-eye coordination. A trained taekwondo champion, for instance, completely relies on his precision and aim to get his moves right. A child’s brain is the easiest to train and by receiving training in martial arts early, they learn moves and techniques that stay with them for life.


  1. Social skills — Kids learning martial arts show better social skills and interaction. They spend more time with peers and trainers and slowly begin to build relationships. They develop friendships and also understand the need to respect people. In all, they make better individuals who’ve mastered the nuances of social interaction.

7.   Fun — Assignments and academics often kill the fun out of a kid’s life while martial arts lets them jump, hit,kick and flex in style! Physical activity is always fun for children and martial arts are just that. In addition, they bring in the multitude of benefits listed above.



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