building focus in children through the martial arts

Martial arts have been around since many years now. There are umpteen benefits that they bring in for all. Martial arts can be learnt by adults and kids alike. In fact, many times kids perform much better than the adults. Martial arts don’t just strengthen the children physically but also moulds them well mentally and emotionally. Among the various advantages the kids experience, enhanced focus is the most beneficial one. This is so because the kids can then perform better in their studies, make clear decisions, learn faster and experience life in a much happier way.

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How Martial Arts builds focus in children

  • Healthy body – Martial Arts promotes health in children. Due to the various exercises and movements that they learn, their entire body is strengthened and they achieve perfect fitness. This helps the internal organs as well. The brain develops well and its capability to focus enhances immensely.
  • Clear mind – Due to the attention the child pays during the martial art classes, the potential of the mind to concentrate increases. Also, since the kid learns to shut off the diversions and concentrate on the coordinated movements, mind becomes clear and better ready to focus. The child can then apply the same kind of attitude while studying or performing in any other field. The children essentially learn how to have a single minded focus.
  • Instructions and combinations – Due to the multiple instructions given in the class in the form of combating movements and combinations, children automatically train their brains to absorb all of it in a focused manner. Since both body and all the faculties of the mind are needed to learn up these styles and combinations, the children learn how to exercise their focusing capabilities in the right way.
  • Multitasking – Martial arts is not a one dimensional learning process. Children need to learn the physical moves, build plans in their minds, concentrate on combating skills and most importantly be present in the moment completely. Due to these multitasking practices, children learn to focus fully on the activities they are doing.
  • Eating habits – Since martial art exercises the mind and the body equally, children’s metabolism picks up and they start reaching out to foods that give them positive energy physically and mentally. This in turn helps in sharpening their minds and gives them the boons of better focus and sharp memory. It also rids them of lethargy and laziness which will add on to the activeness of the mind and makes them concentrate better on every task they do.

In addition to all the above stated factors, children’s energies are channeled in the right way through martial art. It is not uncommon to see a hyper active kid sober down with the practice of martial arts. It is not just about physical activity that happens, but also kids use their minds well. When the energy is in check, the mind is calm and this in turn renders better concentration and focus.

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